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2013 Hyundai Accent
Hyundai automobile came a long way since 1947. First of all, my car was an accidental purchase because it never occured to me to purchase a korean car. Please don't get me wrong, these guys makes fantastic cars but it was not my first intention....
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2009 Mazda Mazda 5
Since buying the Mazda 5 new, I have had maximum utility from the vehicle. I had selected it because of its unique 6 seater configuration and small footprint, compared with other MPVs. The engine is willing, however, it is sometimes lacking when goin...
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2006 Lexus ES 330
My wife has a 2006 ES330 and I have a 2010 GX460. We bought the ES330 off the showroom floor and even though it now has 68000km it looks almost like new. With only scheduled maintenance service the engine still runs smooth and the cabin quiet. Lexus ...
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2014 BMW 328D
Leased in Aug of 2014, I thought this would just be an upgrade to a Jetta TDI I leased way back when. Was I totally wrong? You better believe it. This is an amazing car with good performance, minimal turbo lag, and still gives me spirited driving ...
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2011 Mazda Mazda 3
I bought one of the first Mazda 3s back in 2004 and when it came time to look at a new car, I bought another one. It a great looking car and is a blast to drive. I think it's clearly the winner in it's class and I've recommended this c...
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2011 Lexus RX 350
After purchased this RX. Just loved it. Never let me down with all the pleasure of driving this Lexus. Keep up the good work Lexus!!
2015 Lexus NX T
With a total new design Lexus NX, 2 litter turbo engine. It's fun to drive an not lack of power for passing. Energy saving (gas) in for in town driving and smooth on high way. This will attract lots of young driver for sure.
2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid
I have been driving my Toyota Camry Hybrid for almost 8 years and am fully satisfied with it. I did not have any issues (very minor) during all these years, have put 267K on it and just replaced the rear break pads and spark plugs - nothing else exce...
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2011 Audi Q5
I'm the owner of a Audi Q5. I enjoy the driving experience very much. The headlights are the focal point of the vehicle. The design of Audi vehicles is the best among other European vehicle. German engine tells all.
2015 Honda Civic
The 2015 Honda civic is a great daily commuter! I love the electronic guide when steering the vehicle. This car is great on gas. With a roomy back seats the civic makes a great family car, or if any of your friend wants a lift.