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2010 Lexus GX 460
Since ordering my 460 I have never regretted it! Fantastic size; big enough to transport two Bernese Mountain dogs yet not too big to be a challenge to park downtown
Looking forward to purchasing another in a different color!
2012 Toyota Prius
This car has been everything I expected...... ample interior space (front & back), comfort, excellent visibility all around, quiet, handling is good, reliability is excellent. Sitting in the driver's seat, great design all instruments are lo...
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2010 Audi S5
I love my Audi S5. It drives well and is very sleek looking. All my friends have been converted to Audi fans after I took them for a ride. It has great power and handling. PS I am very impressed with most of the staff at OpenRoad Audi as well.
2013 Audi A7
I have had 3 Audi's in the past since 2007, those being a 2007 S4, 2010 S4 and now I currently own a 2013 A7 SLine with the V6 Supercharged engine. The car looks rather large, however it feels completely in control at all times and drives extr...
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2007 Audi A4
The A4 is a great impact luxury car with good driving performance and still enough space to haul skis and anime in the rear (with folded seats). After 8 years with this car I am looking to purchase a newer model and may consider the more sporty wagon...
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2015 Audi RS 7
Hints of power and subtle aggression with a melody that makes music unnecessary.
2005 Toyota 4Runner
My Toyota 4 runner is now 10 years old and has lots of life left in it. Other than regular maintenance items I've only ever replaced one light bulb. I won't hesitate buying another Toyota.
2007 Lexus RX 350
I own a 2007 Lexus RX350. This car is perfect for my young family. It has enough room for camping in the summer and also acts as a commuter vehicle for work. It is a good all round vehicle and have enjoyed its flexibility in meeting the needs of t...
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2007 Lexus H400
Love my H400!! It's a very luxurious and easy to drive vehicle. It still looks current and have had very minimal issues with vehicle. I highly recommend Lexus to all my friends who have purchased this vehicle as well. Great city vehicle. Service...
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2005 Audi A4
Love my Audi A4 quattro, It is the first Audi I have ever owned. I love the four wheel drive and its powerful engine. Nothing better than taking it on the highway for a cruise.