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2012 Audi S4
Driving the Audi s4 has been an absolute pleasure, weather in the summer or snow. Switching from a v8 to v6 has been a great decision as well.
2006 Honda Pilot
I purchased my first new Honda in 1986. A sleek Accord Exi which ran close to half a million kilometres without any major issues. My recent new purchase was the 2006 Pilot which is proving to be as reliable as my first car. The spacious interior i...
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2006 Toyota Rav4
I don't think I am willing to give up my RAV4 yet? It has not failed me and my family and I can always count on it for any kind of trips, delivery, moving, rain or show. I love the V6 engine and the versatility of use for it. The re sale valu...
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2012 Lexus CT 200h
CT200h is a balance between fuel efficiency and adequate performance for daily commute, not to mention doing all these in a handsomely crafted vehicle at a very reasonable price point. At low speed, CT200h is eerily quiet, but once it exits the batt...
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2009 Audi A4
A fun and fuel efficient car for commute to work. I bought the car form OpenRoad Audi with a special order directly from Audi factory. It has been my transportation to/from work since. It is engineered for safety and maneuvering specially in the bu...
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2009 Audi A4
2.0T Aruba Blue 2009 Audi A4. First year of model redesign (B8). Grey interior. Have really enjoyed the car. Color was discontinued after 2009 model year, so fairly unique. Fun to drive. Efficient engine. Will likely upgrade to B9 when release...
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2010 Lexus RX350
I've had my RX350 for five years and the vehicle has been flawless.....my kids call it the luxury tank.
It has been dependable SUV that we enjoy and rely on.
2004 Lexus RX330
It has been 11 years since I own this vehicle. I think I can use this vehicle for at least a further 5 years. This is attributable to quality of the vehicle itself.
2005 Audi Allroad
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my allroad! Other than stranding me once with some recalled / warranted coil packs on the Cochahalla, she's been superb - taking me to Colorado and back, and all over BC, Montana, etc. The ultimate ski vehicle. And with a tr...
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2016 Honda Civic
I own a Black 1997 Honda Civic. One of the best decisions I have made. I am the original owner. This car is me. I have many friends who also own Hondas. This car is so reliable and good on mileage. Also, it is sleek looking. I have kept up the m...
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